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Biolan Mini Greenhouse Seed Propagator Pro Kit

24-Seed Propagator and 72 Peat-Free Sphagnum Moss Pellets. Quick and easy way to grow seedlings.


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Biolan Mini Greenhouse Seed Propagator Pro Kit is a handy tool for growing seedlings.

It creates the right environment that gives optimal conditions for seed germination and early growth. With the right conditions, seeds sprout quickly and uniformly.

Here are several reasons why:

  1. Temperature Control: The propagator is equipped with a lid designed to regulate temperature, creating a consistently warm environment essential for germination. This is particularly crucial, as different seeds often require specific warmth.
  2. Humidity Regulation: Seedlings react to humidity changes, and the propagator keeps a higher humidity level. It creates an ideal microclimate for successful germination and earl growth.
  3. Ventilation: The lid of our pellet propagator is thoughtfully structured to provide ventilation during the seedling stage, ensuring a balanced and supportive environment.
  4. Optimal Light Exposure: The Biolan Mini Greenhouse Propagator features transparent lids, allowing ample light to reach the seedlings while maintaining the desired temperature and humidity. This ensures the perfect conditions for healthy and robust growth.
  5. Efficient Package: Biolan Mini Greenhouse Pro Kit includes a 24-cell seed tray and 72 peat-free pellets. It provides an all-in-one solution for efficient and convenient seedling propagation.
  6. Protection: A lid protects seedlings from things like drafts, pests, and sudden weather changes. This protection is especially important during the early growth stages.

Using a propagator makes starting seedlings indoors organized and space-efficient before moving them to larger containers or the outdoor garden.

A propagator extends the growing season by starting seeds indoors early, especially useful in regions with short growing periods or unpredictable weather.

Biolan pellets, made from 100% sphagnum moss, are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat moss and coco coir pellets. These pellets naturally break down over time and, when coupled with the seed propagator, contribute to the quick and easy cultivation of healthy seedlings. This makes it a complete solution for efficient and successful gardening.

• Soak the moss pellets several times by adding lukewarm water (total of approximately 8 dl). First, pour enough water to thoroughly wet the pellets.
• When the pellets start to swell, add water in between them. Do not pour water directly on the swollen pellets.
• Sow the seeds in the seed holes. Cover the seeds, when necessary.
• Close the lid completely and make sure that there is no air gap between the lid and the bottom.
• Place the miniature greenhouse in a place with plenty of light.
• When the seeds turn to seedlings, turn the lid 180°. This provides an air gap between the lid and the bottom.
• Make sure that the pellets do not dry.
• Transplant the young seedlings carefully into the final substrate.

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