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Biolan Mini Greenhouse Seed Propagator Pro Kit




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• Soak the moss pellets several times by adding lukewarm water (total of approximately 8 dl). First, pour enough water to thoroughly wet the pellets.
• When the pellets start to swell, add water in between them. Do not pour water directly on the swollen pellets.
• Sow the seeds in the seed holes. Cover the seeds, when necessary.
• Close the lid completely and make sure that there is no air gap between the lid and the bottom.
• Place the miniature greenhouse in a place with plenty of light.
• When the seeds turn to seedlings, turn the lid 180°. This provides an air gap between the lid and the bottom.
• Make sure that the pellets do not dry.
• Transplant the young seedlings carefully into the final substrate.

Gewicht 0,85 kg
Größe 32 × 22 × 7,5 cm