Biolan Toilet Bulking Material, peat free

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  • Absorbs moisture and balances compost mass humidity
  • Specifically designed for dry toilets separating urine or equipped with bulking material dispensers
  • A mix of wood fibre, moss, and biochar
  • 100% peat free
  • Biochar enhances microbial activity in compost and prevents odors

Biolan Toilet Bulking Material, the eco-friendly solution for your dry toilet needs. Crafted from a blend of wood fibre, moss, and biochar, this peat-free bulking material is designed to enhance composting efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Biolan Toilet Bulking Material is perfect for dry toilets with dispensers or mixers. Its smooth texture makes it easy to use, while its ability to absorb moisture keeps compost humidity balanced, ideal for decomposition.

Backed by research, the inclusion of biochar not only accelerates microbial activity within the compost mass but also effectively neutralizes odors, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic environment.

Please note that due to its natural composition, Biolan Toilet Bulking Material may contain small pieces of wood, shrub, or natural fibres such as hare’s tail cottongrass.

Package size: 24 liters


After each toilet visit, apply a cup or two (approximately 2 –5 dl) of bulking material over the waste.


Protect the product against moisture.

Weight 2,95 kg
Dimensions 60 × 38 × 8 cm