Biolan Toilet Bulking Material 24 l

spreading material for separating dry toilets and toilets with litter dispenser.


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• 100% organic ingredients
• consists of peat, wood fibre and bio char.

It is suitable for use in dry toilets that separate urine or have a litter dispenser.
The loose and homogeneous texture facilitates administration. The scattering material absorbs moisture and balances the moisture of the compost mass. According to studies organic carbon accelerates the microbial effect of the compost mass. And it binds odours.

Regular use of litter material keeps the dry toilet odourless.

After every visit to the toilet, one to two cups (approx. 2-5 dl) Spreading material over the waste.
Storage Protect the product from moisture.

Weight 2,95 kg
Dimensions 60 × 38 × 8 cm
Country of origin