Biolan Simplett Plus

A compact dry toilet (28l) with batcher. Easy to use. Separates liquid from solid waste.


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A compact dry toilet (28l) with integrated batcher. Easy to use. Separates liquid from solid waste.

• Ideal for small spaces
• Integrated bulking material batcher
• Liquid and solid waste are separated in the seat
• Easy to empty in a few minutes
• Hygienic and easy to use

Biolan Simplett Plus has all advantages as Biolan Simplett and one extra: integrated bedding material container with batcher helps to storage and to spread bulking material easily.
Odourless, hygienic and Eco-friendly toilet. It can be installed directly on floor. Biolan Simplett is suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to ventilation pipes smell flows out from the room space to the roof. The separation of liquid and solid waste in the seat part helps to minimize smell of the toilet.
Applying suitable bulking material is essential for proper operation of the toilet. We recommend to use Toilet Bulking Material. Before using the toilet, place a layer a couple of centimetres thick on the bottom of the inner receptacle. The dry bedding does not need to be added every time the toilet is used; adding it after defecation is sufficient.

No water or electricity is needed.
When you separate* liquid and solid waste you are creating two reusable materials that can be put back into the environment. After composting solid can be used in the garden. Separated urine is a nitrogen rich fertilizer for trees.

The toilet is easy to empty. Just open the lid and lift up the receptacle. Simplett Plus Dry toilet comes with thermal seat which is warm and comfortable all year around. If necessary, toilet may be cleaned using common domestic cleaning agents.
Biolan’s ventilation set is sold separately.

*Separation of the liquid and the solid waste requires that the Separating Dry Toilet must always be used in the seated position.

Manual Download

• Volume of the receptacle: 28 litres
• Material: frost-resistant UV-protected polyethylene
• Weight:10 kg
• Seat height: 46,5 cm
• height x width x depth: 102 cm x 53 cm x 68 cm
• Drain pipe: Ø 32 mm
• Ventilation pipe: Ø 75 mm
• Seat cover: hinged Pehvakka thermal seat
• Colour: dark grey

Weight 12,5 kg
Dimensions 77 × 57 × 52 cm
Country of origin