Biolan Mossgrow 24 l

a fertilised and limed substrate for sowing, seedlings, indoor plants and summer flowers.


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• easy to water
• airy structure
• ideal for sowing, seedlings, indoor plants and summer flowers
Biolan Mossgrow is a substrate made from live, rapidly renewable and airy peat moss.
Moss stores water well. The airy structure of the moss improves the well-being of the roots. Moss retains its lightness even when wet. No risk of overwatering.

Even after drying out, the moss absorbs the water well. Moss is proven to inhibit the growth of many plant damaging microbes.

• Liming material: Mg-containing limestone powder 8 kg / m³.
• Fertilizer: NPK 12-6-20 1.0 kg / m³
• pH: 6.2
• Conductivity: 30 mS / m

Weight 3,3 kg
Dimensions 57 × 38 × 8 cm
Country of origin