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Biolan Grow bag 60L

a ready-to-use bag for tomatoes, cucumbers and paprikas.


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Biolan Growing bag is an organic growing media for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, paprikas or etc.
• ready-to-use
• includes fertilizer for three plants
• easy to water
• airy structure
• ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, paprikas
Growing bag contains a lightly fertilized substrate and a separate organic fertilizer part. The nutrients in the growing bag have been rated to be sufficient for three plants throughout the growing season.
Growing bag can be used separately or with Biolan Self-watering box.
• length: 68 cm, width 50 cm, height 14 cm
• weight 14,5 kg

• Do not mix the contents of the bag. The fertiliser is located on the side of the bag. Contains enough fertiliser for the whole summer. Just add seedlings and water.
• Cut incisions for drainage water on the reverse side of the bag where indicated.
• Cut planting holes for seedlings where indicated (3 places).
• Plant the seedlings and initially water them around the stem.
• After the seedlings have grown roots, cut open the watering holes and continue to water the seedlings through them.

• length: 68 cm, width 50 cm, height 14 cm
• weight 14,5 kg

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 68 × 10 cm
Country of origin