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Biolan Composting Toilet eco

A dry toilet (200l) makes compost in a few weeks. Easy to empty.



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Biolan Composting Toilet Eco is a perfect solution for eco-friendly waste management. Ideal for off-grid homes, allotments, garden sheds, and sustainable homes, it combines innovation and convenience to offer a clean, odorless, and efficient composting process.

  • Thermally insulated for rapid composting
  • Eco-friendly, requiring no water or electricity
  • Odorless and clean operation
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Extended emptying interval with a 200-liter capacity
  • Suitable for year-round use

Rapid Composting with Thermal Insulation

This composting toilet features thermally insulated construction, speeding up the composting process. Waste transforms into valuable compost within weeks, reducing maintenance and ensuring a more efficient system. You can use the compost as cover soil or for fertilising decorative plants in your garden.

Environmentally Friendly Operation

Biolan Composting Toilet Eco operates without water or electricity, significantly lowering your environmental impact. It handles both toilet and household bio-waste, promoting a greener lifestyle and contributing to environmental conservation.

Odorless and Clean

Its advanced design prevents unpleasant odors and leaks, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment.

User-Friendly and Low Maintenance

With a 200-liter capacity, the emptying process is straightforward, minimizing any inconvenience. Emptying is simple through the hatch at the lower part of the unit. The large capacity also means longer intervals between emptying, enhancing convenience.

Year-round use

The construction of the Biolan Composting Toilet Eco uses durable and high-quality materials that are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions. This feature allows you to maintain a functional and effective composting system throughout all seasons, without the need for additional heating or maintenance adjustments. A Styrofoam seat prevents cold shock, this dry toilet offers a comfortable sitting experience in all weather conditions.

The Composting Toilet is the ideal choice for those seeking a sustainable, low-maintenance waste management solution. Benefit from efficient composting while contributing to environmental conservation with this advanced and user-friendly toilet.

Make the eco-friendly choice and enjoy a sustainable, efficient, and hassle-free composting experience.

Planning and Installation

When selecting a location for your Biolan Composting Toilet Eco, ensure there is sufficient space for use and maintenance. The ventilation pipe should be routed without any bends through the roof, and the seep liquid canister should be placed in a suitable location. The toilet unit should be placed on firm ground or a concrete surface to prevent possible seepage from the lower door.

Winter Use Considerations

For continuous winter use, install the unit in a warm space and ensure the drain hose and seep liquid canister do not freeze. If installing indoors, insulate the ventilation pipe in cold spaces to prevent condensation. Even in a cold space, the unit can function effectively.

Versatile Use

The Biolan Composting Toilet Eco is designed to handle both toilet waste and household bio-waste. Adding kitchen waste enhances the composting process by balancing and diversifying the compost’s nutrient base. Cover kitchen waste with bulking material to prevent attracting flies.

Year-Round Use

In non-heated spaces, the compost mass may freeze in winter. This does not damage the unit or the compost itself; the process resumes when temperatures rise. Use double the amount of bulking material in winter to reduce seepage and empty the seep liquid canister in autumn to prevent freezing.

Emptying and Maintenance

Empty the compost only when it has reached the cover soil stage, usually in 5-8 weeks. Do not empty more than half the mass at a time to maintain an efficient composting process. The tank should be emptied in spring if used only in summer. Seep liquid, rich in nutrients, can be used as a fertilizer for ornamental plants after diluting 1:5. Regularly check the seep liquid pipe, liquid separator plate, and seep liquid chute once a year and clean as needed.

Post-Treatment and Use of Compost

The compost mass typically matures to the cover soil stage after 5-8 weeks. This semi-mature compost is ideal for use as a soil cover but should be post-composted for about a year before using on vegetable plots to ensure it is free of harmful microbes. Post-composting in a covered composter will mature the cover soil into rich, dark compost soil perfect for conditioning and fertilizing your garden.

Manual Download

• Volume about: 200 litres
• Bottom area: 54 x 54 cm
• Seat top area: 65 x 65 cm
• Height: about 97 cm
• Weight: about 24 kg
• Drain pipe: Ø 32 mm
• Ventilation pipe: Ø 75 mm
• Volume of the seep liquid canister: 25 l
• Colour: dark grey

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 65 × 66 × 107 cm

Dark grey