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Biolan Bokashi Starter Set ( incl. 1 kg EM bran )

Fermentation of kitchen waste. Starter set. Capacity: 10 litres.



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• Helps to recycle food waste at home
• Produces plant-nutritious liquid and fermented scraps
• Easy to use
• Compact
• Stylish design
Bokashi is the fermentation of organic matter with the help of microbes. Fermentation takes place in an anaerobic Bokashi bin by effective micro-organisms. It is an easy and ecological way to reduce kitchen waste in your kitchen.

Biolan Bokashi is Easy to Use:

Step 1: Add organic waste to the Bokashi bin. Cutting them into smaller bits will help speed things along.

Step 2: Sprinkle a small amount (about one-two tablespoons) of Biolan Bokashi EM bran.

Step 3: Press the organic waste down with the pressing plate to eliminate air pockets. Close the lid. Repeat every day unless the bin is full.

Step 4: Drain the bokashi liquid every few days. Use it to fertilize your house and garden plants. When the Bokashi bin is full leave it for fermentation for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks add the fermented matter directly to your garden composter or post-processing container.

Weight 2,8 kg
Dimensions 28,5 × 26,5 × 34 cm

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