Biolan Stone Composter

Stylish composter for garden bio-waste. Capacity: 450 L.


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Made for composting garden, toilet, and kitchen waste
Generous size, 450 liters
Natural stone color
Blends seamlessly into its environment
Made in Finland

Using the Composter
Start by placing a generous layer (approx. 15 cm) of Biolan Bulking Material for Composts and Dry Toilets along with coarse garden waste at the bottom of the composter.
Various kitchen waste is suitable for the composter: food leftovers, potato and fruit peels, coffee filter bags, and similar items. Everything biodegradable from the garden is also acceptable. Dry root weeds before placing them in the composter to prevent them from spreading within it.
Always cover the kitchen waste you bring with a layer of Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material.
Also, add bulking material among easily compacted garden waste, such as grass clippings and tree leaves. This ensures that the compost mass remains loose and the composting process is odorless.
Add Biolan Compost Accelerator among garden waste to ensure the microorganisms receive sufficient nitrogen.
Mix the compost mass approximately once a month, for instance, using a shovel or Biolan Compost Mixer.
Ensure the compost remains moist.
When emptying a landscape composter, lift the composter off the top of the compost mass. Remove any fresh, uncomposted layer from the surface to be the starting layer for the next compost mass.

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 100 × 129 × 93 cm
Country of origin