Biolan Populett 200

A large-capacity toilet for public places.


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• designed for public places and large events
• effective natural ventilation keeps odours away
• through-the-wall installation makes emptying easy
Biolan Populett is a large capacity toilet for public places. Installation through the wall so that the front part and cover of the unit serve as the toilet seat.
No water or power supply is needed.
Biolan Populett can be installed in two different ways: so that it separates either the seep liquid or urine.
Thanks to the installation method and the design of the unit, Biolan Populett is easy to transport and it can be emptied with a waste collection vehicle. A replacement tank, supplied as an accessory, provides the unit with extra capacity.

Manual Download

• Volume: about 200 litres
• Seat height: 48 cm
• Height: 93,5 cm
• Weight: about 50 kg
• Ventilation pipe: 110 mm
• Drain pipe: Ø 32 mm
• colour: brown

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 90 × 100 × 93,5 cm
Country of origin