Biolan Greywater Filter Light

a non-insulated filter module for washing water


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• capacity 300 litres/day/module
• for summer use or installation indoors
• to be installed above ground or buried partly in the soil
• expandable to suit applications with a pressure water supply
• ecological filter material
Biolan Greywater Filter Light is a non-insulated filter module for washing water. The wastewater is routed directly into the modules by gravitation or by pumping –no septic tanks required. The treatment capacity of one module is about 300 litres per day.
The operation of the Biolan Greywater Filter light is based on the mechanical and biological filtration of wastewater. Organic filter material, to which the dirt in the wastewater sticks, is used in the filter. The micro-organisms living on the surface of the material use the impurities in the water as their nutrition.
The module has five filter boxes placed one on top of the other. The wastewater is conducted into the uppermost filter box. Inside the filter, the wastewater flows nearly horizontally by gravitation from one filter layer to the other through the openings in the end of the box.
The cleaning capacity of the filter material in the module is good for about 100 days, after which it needs to be replaced in accordance with the maintenance instructions.
The filter module, or a treatment system made up from modules, is suitable for outdoor installation at locations used only in summer, such as a summer cottage, or a cottage at an allotment garden. These modules can also be used year-round, provided that they are located in a space where the temperature stays above zero at all times.
Wastewater from a WC or dry toilet in the property must be conducted into a closed tank or treated otherwise in a due manner. Rain- or stormwater or drainage water from foundations must not be fed into the filter.

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