Biolan Thermo Biowaste Composter


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Place the Biowaste Composter in a place where you can easily take your waste and unload the composter all year round. Make sure that the composter is level.
The Biowaste Composter has a seep liquid opening in the bottom left-hand side to drain any excess liquid. Place the composter directly onto the ground so that the soil will absorb any seep liquid. Alternatively, you can collect the seep liquid separately into the container/canister.

Manual Download

Volume: approx. 200 litres
Capacity (depending on the volume and type of waste): 1–6 persons
Bottom (w x d): 54 x 54 cm
Lid (w x d): 62 x 63 cm
Total height: 100 cm
Working height: 91 cm
Weight when empty approximately: 21 kg
Weight of lid: 1.5 kg
Diameter of seep liquid opening: 32 mm

Gewicht 24 kg
Größe 63 × 68 × 101 cm
Country of origin