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Biolan Self-watering box


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Hassle-free plant care with the Biolan Self-Watering Box, designed to effortlessly deliver water to the substrate through capillary action, meeting your plants’ hydration needs.

Effortless Plant Hydration.
Extended Watering Durations.
Efficient Water Management. Excess water is collected within the box when the substrate is wet, maintaining the perfect moisture level for plant health.
Clean, Mess-Free Cultivation.

Biolan Self-Watering Box serves as a dedicated water reservoir, offering capillary hydration to the growing medium based on the plants’ requirements.

The self-watering box provides ample water for mature tomato plants for up to a week, while smaller plants benefit from even longer watering intervals.

Perfect for holiday homes or extended absences, the water storage in the self-watering box ensures your plants stay hydrated.

Specifically crafted for use with Biolan Grow bag and Biolan Herb Sac.

The self-watering box prevents spills on balconies or terraces, simplifying vegetable cultivation by keeping the area clean and free from water stains.

Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 20 cm.

Elevate your gardening experience with the Biolan Self-Watering Box and enjoy the convenience of sustained plant hydration and mess-free cultivation space.

• Width 38 cm
• Length 58 cm
• Height 20 cm
• Water volume 33 litres

Gewicht 3 kg
Größe 37 × 57 × 20 cm