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Biolan Dachventilator

Effektive Belüftung durch Windkraft.



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For the ventilation of dry toilets and buildings:
– Requires assembly
– Does not require electrical power
– Includes a removable and washable insect net
– Material: plastic and stainless steel
– Suitable for Ø 75 and Ø 110 mm pipes
– Warranty: One-year warranty
– Note! Not suitable for fire gases!

Biolan Rooftop Ventilator is a wind-powered ventilation fan designed for dry toilets, wastewater treatment plants, and other ventilation applications. When installing in a storage space or bathroom, ensure that no condensation or rainwater can enter the building structures. In cold environments, insulate pipes as needed. The operation of the rooftop fan is not dependent on wind direction.

Gewicht 0,85 kg
Größe 23,5 × 23,5 × 24,3 cm