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Biolan Bokashi Set, 2 pcs ( incl. 1 kg EM bran )

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1. Add organic waste to the Bokashi bin.
2. Sprinkle about two tablespoons of Biolan EM® bran. Tamp the organic waste down with the pressing plate. Close the lid. Repeat every day unless the bin is full.
3. Drain the bokashi liquid every few days. Use it to fertilize your house and garden plants.
4. When the Bokashi bin is full leave it for fermentation for 2 weeks.
5. After 2 weeks add the fermented matter directly to your garden composter or post-processing container.

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Kit contents:

Bokashi bin 10 l – 2 pcs
Perforated tray – 2 pcs
Pressing plate – 2 pcs
Biolan EM® bran 1 kg
Instructions for use

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Größe 57 × 26 × 33 cm

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